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Professional interior designer

If you are planning to remodel or have just bought a new house, then you need to think about a functional and harmonious arrangement of furniture. In addition to the arrangement of furniture, lighting is also important. During a remodeling or new construction process, there are many choices to be made. To relieve you during this process, you can hire a professional interior designer.

What does an interior designer do?

An interior designer provides an attractive and harmonious design of living spaces. But also office premises or other rooms such as a wellness area. A designer looks at function, safety and atmosphere. Then the client and the interior designer sit down together to determine the wishes and requirements. Based on this information, the interior stylist gets to work. The stylist makes an appropriate recommendation for the client and visualizes it in 2D and/or 3D drawings. At the end of the process, the advice is professionally presented to the client.

High-level interior design

Are you looking for a professional interior designer in the high-end segment? At Hemels Wonen, we have years of experience in the high-end interior design industry. We look at the client's personal situation and create an interior design that seamlessly connects to it. Think of a unique design with high-quality materials. In addition, we offer the total project where we completely relieve the customer. Our designers create the design, our project managers realize the plan and our stylists create the atmosphere. The various work processes are closely interconnected. This ensures that we can switch quickly.


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